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BU Campus Safety

On the morning of Friday November 18th, Boston University Police rushed to the George Sherman Union located at 771 Commonwealth Avenue in response to a possible hostage situation. A man with a foreign accent called the university police claiming he... Continue Reading →


Newstrack: Could Trump Really Deport Millions of Illegal Immigrants?

In the wake of a chaotic election night, many questions began to surface. All of the promises that president-elect Donald Trump made during his campaign are now in question of feasibility. The New York Times published an article highlighting one of... Continue Reading →

Election Day: Federal Holiday? (video)

Should Election Day be a national holiday in the United States? Many think it should be while others don't see the point. The majority of US states have voter leave laws which guarantee employees the necessary time off in order... Continue Reading →

Man on the Street – World Series Edition (video)

People of Boston were upset that the Red Sox didn't make it to the World Series. But did that stop them from paying attention to baseball in general? Let's see how these Bostonians did on their World Series pop quiz.

Halloween at Good Will (video)

As a poor college student, there is not much room in the budget for extra-curricular expenses. But for a holiday as big as Halloween, students turn to craftiness, innovation, and the Good Will for their costume ideas.

Newstrack: Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump’s Crowd

The night before the election, a popular video has found resurgence on The New York Times video page. "Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowd," gives a first-hand-look at some of the obscene language and vulgar remarks coming from the crowd of... Continue Reading →

Newstrack: Arrests and Violence at Pipeline Protest

The New York Times published a powerful video piece on Saturday called Arrests and Violence at Pipeline Protest by Turner Cowles, which gave a first-hand look at the protests occurring in North Dakota. This chilling video documents the chaos that these protestors are... Continue Reading →

Smoking Through the Eyes of Youths Visualization

Smoking Through the Eyes of Youths (video)

A streak of sunlight shines through the creeks of the nearly closed blinds. Rays of sunshine begin to fill the dark room. Coffee brews in the kitchen. Berkeley Erickson, 20, rolls out of bed and shuffles over to her bureau... Continue Reading →

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